White Plains Attorney For Green Card Applications

There are a lot of non-lawyers who will try to take advantage of you if you have an immigration issue.

Known as “notarios” or “immigration consultants,” they prey on people who do not understand the complexity of U.S. immigration law and are desperate for help. They have left many people in worse situations — some of whom are deported, after losing their life’s savings.

At the Law Office of Craig Relles, our licensed attorneys has practiced immigration law for many years. We are professionals who can help you through an immigration matter.

Beware! Notarios And Immigration Consultants Are NOT Immigration Attorneys.

One clue to knowing whether you are speaking to a consultant or notario (versus a lawyer), is that a notario or consultant will likely promise to get your application approved: quickly, because they “know someone,” or “have an inside connection.” They often appear every time an “amnesty” type of legislation is proposed in the House or Senate and ask for cash up front.

In reality, the last “amnesty” program took place in 2001.

It is extremely important to consult with an experienced immigration lawyer, before filing anything with USCIS or admitting to charges in immigration court. An immigration lawyer will explain the “real,” legal options you have.

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) can be unforgiving of a mistake on your application. Their position is that, if you signed the application, then you approved it — even if this notario or consultant included false information of which you were not aware. It is you who will suffer the harsh consequences.

What You Should Do — Protect Yourself And Consult With A Lawyer

Immigration law is extremely complex. Simply filling out the forms on the USCIS website is like playing a game of roulette — you never know what will happen once you file the application. At the Law Office of Craig Relles, we limit our practice to:

  • Family immigration applications to assist you in uniting your family in the United States
  • Deportation and removal defense in immigration court to ensure that every legal defense to your deportation is explored and asserted
  • Asylum applications filed after you have entered the U.S., whether or not you are in deportation or removal proceedings
  • Citizenship and naturalization applications after three or five years as a lawful permanent resident and all other requirements are met

We are experienced and knowledgeable and can advise you and help you through any of these immigration matters. Contact us to arrange a consultation with White Plains lawyer Craig Relles about your immigration questions.

Call 914-919-9030 or send an email through this website to schedule a consultation with an experienced New York immigration attorney. We answer calls within 24 hours.

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