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Immigration law issues create anxiety and worry, especially when you need immediate help and answers. Sometimes, just the thought of searching for an attorney or starting the legal process can be overwhelming when there is so much at stake.

White Plains Immigration AttorneyLegal issues, like immigration and deportation, affect the lives of real people, whom you love and care about. At the Law Office of Craig Relles, we understand that and are here to help you — even if you need urgent representation in immigration court.

By focusing our practice on immigration law, we can help you through complex and emotional situations. It is our goal to help you obtain certainty and security in your future.

  • Providing deportation defense: There is almost nothing more frightening than watching Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) show up at your door and take a family member into custody in the middle of the night. Deportations from the U.S. are at an all-time high, putting even people who have old criminal convictions for minor crimes or who are innocently out of immigration status in the government’s spotlight. We can help you locate where he or she is being held and provide experienced deportation defense.
  • Preparing family-based immigration petitions, adjustment of status applications and naturalization applications: The U.S. immigration process is much more complex than it seems. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services’ (USCIS) website implies that following their “straightforward” instructions will easily get your case approved. In reality, filing an application is far from simple in the majority of immigration and naturalization cases.
  • Assisting in affirmative and defensive asylum applications: Asylum law offers hope of escape from a life of constant persecution and torture for you and your family. However, the U.S. law and the international conventions and treaties that govern eligibility and proof are quite complicated. We can assist you with making an application for asylum with USCIS or in removal proceedings in immigration court.

Experienced Legal Help Is Available In White Plains — Our Immigration Law Lawyer Can Represent You

USCIS might deny your U.S. citizenship application or initiate removal/deportation proceedings against you for making even a small mistake. Having an experienced immigration lawyer assist you with the application process can eliminate or manage potential problems and represent you if you are detained by ICE.

The Law Office of Craig Relles provides experienced legal representation to clients in White Plains, New York, Westchester County and in ICE detention facilities nearby. Call 914-919-9030 or send an email to schedule a consultation.

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